Outbreak Company

Outbreak Company

The story revolves around a throughbred otaku named Kanou Shinichiwith a light novelist for a father and an eroge illustrator for a mother. One day he finds himself transported to a fantasy world filled with elves and dragons. In an effort to enhance the cultural exchange between his world and this new one, Shinichi was given the task of spreading his knowledge of “moe” to the Holy Eldant Empire. Its also there where he meets a half-elf maid named Myuseru and a young empress named Petoraru…

Video: TV / 1280×720 / H.264 (MP4)
Japanese / 2-Channels (AAC)
English (Doki fansubs) / Hardcoded

Episode 01 | Episode 02 | Episode 03 | Episode 04 | Episode 05 | Episode 06

Episode 07Episode 08Episode 09 | Episode 10 | Episode 11 | Episode 12

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