Macross Delta (episode 08)

Macross Delta

Eight years after the events of Macross F, a mysterious phenomenon known as the Var Syndrome is gradually consuming the galaxy. It’s up to a new generation of highly capable Valkyrie pilots to deal with this universal menace. And if they didn’t have enough on their plate already, the Aerial Knights Valkyrie fighter team from the Kingdom of Wind have come to challenge the Delta Squadron.

Video: TV / 1280×720 / H.264 (MP4)
Japanese / 2-Channels (AAC)
English (Doki-Chihiro fansubs) / Hardcoded
Status: stalled @doki

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8 Responses to “Macross Delta (episode 08)

  • Please add the blu-ray disc version for the episodes of the anime series “Macross Delta” with English subs, please help us.

  • Where are the episodes 8 to 26 of the anime series “Macross Delta”? Will you posted here?

  • Can’t wait anymore for doki lol… especially that this is a 20+ eps. Can you please do doki’s last ep (8). Thanks 🙂

    • me too, hopefully they can use the rest of this season to finish their backlogs :/

      • Thanks 🙂 Hmm yeah just noticed they don’t have anything listed for Fall ’16. Btw not sure if you’ve read my comment in mahouka, just making sure no plans to do the bd, right? Wanted to rewatch for nth time lol.

        • sorry, new message notifications don’t pop up sometimes

          I can do the BD version but I can’t start it until I get a bigger hard drive (black friday sales :D)
          It should be done before the end of the year

          • Great will patiently wait for it. Hopefully atleast v18 of the LN is out by then too.

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