LiSA – Catch the Moment [2017.02.15]

LiSA - Catch the Moment [2017.02.15] LiSA - Catch the Moment [2017.02.15] LiSA - Catch the Moment [2017.02.15]

Short version of “Catch the Moment” on the 11th single by LiSA. The title track
is used as the theme song in the anime film Sword Art Online -Ordinal Scale-

Artist: LiSA
Song: Catch the Moment (short ver.)
Genre: Pop/Rock
Release date: February 15, 2017

  1. Catch the Moment (short ver.) LiSA 02:08


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  • Hello, can you please re-upload miwa’s concert tour 2012-guitarium?
    thx a lot!

  • Thanks for the song 😀
    Btw i wanna ask
    Can you upload 2 new album from Joe Inoue?
    (JOEPop #1 and JOEPop #2 )
    It will be my plesure if you can upload 2 of that album
    Thank you 😀

  • Hi! Is It possible for you to find and upload “Babyraids Japan – SUMMER LIVE 2015” concert??? Please, thanks!!!

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