Aoi Eir – Niji no Oto [2014.01.01]

Aoi Eir - Niji no Oto [2014.01.01]

Sixth single by Aoi Eir. Title track is also used as the ending theme song for the anime special Sword Art Online: Extra Edition. Includes the DVD “Special Live 2013 -Starlight Reunion-” held at Shibuya Public Hall.

Artist: Aoi Eir (藍井 エイル)
Single: Niji no Oto (虹の音)
Genre: Ballad, Pop/Rock
Release date: January 01, 2014
Format: MP3 / 320kbps



Niji no Oto (虹の音)
Yume Sekai (ユメセカイ )
INNOCENCE (Live at Shibuya Public Hall)
Niji no Oto (TV size ver.)
Niji no Oto (Instrumental)


Avalon Blue (アヴァロン・ブルー)
Sirius (シリウス)
Ei! Ei! Ruuuu!!!!!!


Aoi Eir - Niji no Oto [2014.01.01] Aoi Eir - Niji no Oto [2014.01.01]

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