AKINO with bless4 – Decennia [2015.03.25]

AKINO with bless4 - Decennia [2015.03.25]

Second album by by AKINO with bless4.

Artist: AKINO with bless4
Album: Decennia (ディセニア)
Genre: Pop/Rock
Release date: March 25, 2015
Format: MP3 / 320kbps


Paradoxical ZOO (パラドキシカルZOO) / Aquarion EVOL OP 2
Eve no Danpen. (イヴの断片.) / Aquarion EVOL insert song
Kimi no Shinwa ~Aquarion Dai Ni Shou (君の神話~アクエリオン第二章) / Aquarion EVOL OP 1
Gekkou Symphonia (月光シンフォニア) / Aquarion EVOL ED 1
ZERO (ゼロ) / Aquarion EVOL insert song
Genesis of LOVE ~Ai no Kigen (Genesis of LOVE~愛の起源) / Genesis of Aquarion OP [EVOL New Ver.]
Extra Magic Hour (エクストラ・マジック・アワー) / Amagi Brilliant Park OP
Jet Coaster Ride
Miiro (みいろ) / Kantai Collection -KanColle- OP
The Ghost of You
Yuki no You ni (雪のように)
Let’s Fly
EXTRA MAGIC HOUR (International Edition)



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